Tanoto Foundation’s Support for Improving the “Hardware” and “Software” of Educational Development in Indonesia

Universitas Bhayangkara Jaya was the center of an event that marked a milestone in Indonesia’s

educational development, as the Tanoto Foundation launched the Grha Tanoto and the Tanoto

Library – two important buildings designed for enhancing the educational resources and capabilities

of local students.

Imelda Tanoto, daughter of well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chairman of the RGE

Group, Sukanto Tanoto, was also present at the event, and spoke to outline the principles on which

the Tanoto Foundation has based its efforts of improving education in the area, as well as the goals

it hopes to achieve through these new establishments.

The Hardware of Educational

Imelda Tanoto has outlined the extreme importance of education that Sukanto Tanoto and the

Tanoto Foundation consider to be one of the major factors in poverty alleviation. As Ms. Tanoto has

stated, communities where children and students have better access to educational resources and

where there are better possibilities to obtain higher education, have a far improved chance of their

younger members reaching adulthood with an opportunity of improving their lives, incomes and


As Imelda Tanoto has stated, through the building of new facilities such as the Grha Tanoto and the

Tanoto Library, the Tanoto Foundation hopes to obtain an enhancement in educational development

by “upgrading its hardware.” This basically means that students will have access to a secure and

resourceful learning centers in which they can improve and further their studies.

A good example is the Library, which not only provides access through the Grha Tanoto to

classrooms and auditoriums, where students can truly have an improved educational experience, but

also with access to countless international journals for improved learning and an advanced radio

frequency-based system for keeping the library secured and well-organized.

Improved Support for Students and Teachers

If the “hardware” part is represented by the actual learning facilities themselves, the “software” is

the ability of the teachers to impart knowledge and assist students through an engaging and

informative curriculum that can help them pave a better path toward higher education.

Imelda Tanoto talked about the vital importance of helping teachers refine their skills and employ

better techniques at improving their ability to reach out to students. This is one of the major goals

that the Tanoto Foundation has pursued in the past few years, mainly through teacher training

programs designed to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

Another important method the Foundation has used has to do with the scholarships they have

awarded to 28 universities throughout Indonesia. Their number has increased beyond 5,000 and

continues to grow each year, as the Foundation’s supporters and members like Imelda Tanoto

continue to pursue the goals that visionary Sukanto Tanoto has outlined through his philosophy of

assisting the community by improving education.