Sukanto Tanoto’s APRIL group supports local artists in creating environmental awareness

As one of the world’s leading paper and pulp manufacturers, APRIL constantly strives to realize the vision of its founder, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto.

Recently, APRIL had the pleasure of supporting artists in Indonesia whose creative talent has produced a series of beautiful paintings as part of the Caring for Climate Doodle Competition. Drawing on talent from across the country, this competition reflects Mr. Tanoto’s commitment to climate and environmental sustainability.

Artists express the ethos of Sukanto Tanoto’s four Cs

RGE’s Founder Sukanto Tanoto is well-known for his 4Cs philosophy, which places an emphasis on country, climate, community and company in the running of all his businesses.

The Caring for Climate competition gave ordinary Indonesians with special artistic talents the opportunity to express themselves on the topic of climate and sustainability – with beautiful results. Colorful canvases depicting smiling faces, green mountains, and crystal-clear water are just some of the images that Indonesian artists produced under this inspiration.

APRIL’s commitment extends to all areas of community life

The APRIL group and its subsidiary, RAPP, are deeply committed to supporting community projects in Indonesia, in keeping with Mr. Tanoto’s vision. The Caring for Climate competition saw this commitment extended beyond individual communities, as the whole of Indonesia had an opportunity to showcase its creative talent.

RAPP’s Mill Operational Director, Ali Shabri, attended the competition and had the following to say:

“This is a great event to introduce to people that our company operates in an environmentally-friendly way. Our paper is made from renewable resources that we grow responsibly and in accordance with our business philosophy of being Good for Climate.”

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Good News Spreads Like Wildfire: Under Sukanto Tanoto, APRIL praised for Fire-Free Village Programme

The pulp and paper industry has, in recent history, been subject to intense scrutiny – with the problem of haze and environmental protection having become regional and even international talking points. Managing and reducing forest fires, identified as the key to solving these issues, has naturally become a matter of increasing priority of communities, countries, and companies. It is comforting, therefore, to know that progress has been made in this respect; Sukanto Tanoto-led APRIL was recently praised for its efforts, notably the Fire-Free Village Programme (FFVP).

FFVP not a one-off

 Good News Spreads Like Wildfire: Under Sukanto Tanoto, APRIL praised for Fire-Free Village Programme

The FFVP has almost become the crown jewel of APRIL’s initiatives in tackling the much-dreaded forest fires. While the pulp-and-paper giant, owned by businessman Sukanto Tanoto, has had an array of initiatives promoting more sustainable and responsible practices –one only needs think of the Restorasi Ekosistem Riau and the Fire-Free Alliance – the FFVP has definitely received a huge share of the limelight, deservedly so. A multi-stakeholder initiative that focuses on fire prevention and suppression, the project was recently given the stamp of approval by head of National Agency for Disaster Management, Willem Rampangilei. Rampangilei was on hand to launch FFVP 2017, at Pelawalan Airstrip, Riau.

FFVP receives plaudits, support, and faith.

The FFVP is merely one of many examples highlighting Sukanto Tanoto’s community-centric approach to business and, indeed, life. The businessman and philanthropist is chairman of Singapore-based RGE, which itself manages companies such as APRIL, Sateri, and Pacific Oil and Gas, and co-founded the Tanoto Foundation with his wife Tinah Bingei Tanoto. At the heart of all his ventures and companies however, is the 4Cs philosophy: creating good for the Community, Country, Climate, and Company. This same philosophy, whilst providing the rock on which his empire would stand, has allowed the communities around his companies to benefit greatly.

The importance of including the community and stakeholders within a company’s plans was also highlighted during the launch. Fire prevention, Rampangilei reminded, requires strong commitment and awareness from various parties. Rampangilei also mentioned that he was sure the FFVP could contribute to the suppression and land and forest fires, and hoped to see the programme further expanded to other parts of Indonesia. Sukanto Tanoto would be proud.

Growing the Tree of Success Together: Under Sukanto Tanoto’s Leadership, APRIL Fosters Local Entrepreneurship Together.

Much has been made of Indonesia’s pulp and paper industry; it is an industry that has faced many ups and downs within and outside of the country, with challenges inherent to the industry well-reported. Much less mentioned has been the good that big players in the industry like APRIL – managed by RGE and founded by businessman Sukanto Tanoto – have managed to create for the community, by providing a platform and structure for economic development and lifting many out of poverty.

APRIL helps create an ecosystem for growth

Recent data released by the government showed that the pulp and paper industry contributed to 6.7 percent of Indonesia’s manufacturing gross domestic product in 2016, directly creating 260 thousand jobs and contributing to the creation of 840 thousand more jobs indirectly. These are staggering figures, and are the kinds of statistics that continue to validate RGE chairman Sukanto Tanoto’s 4Cs philosophy –creating good for the community, country, climate, and the company together. Likewise, companies managed by Mr Tanoto’s holdings company RGE, like pulp and paper giant APRIL, have sought to ensure their presence remains beneficial for everyone involved.

Asian Agri Learning Centre

Benefitting everyone, from the ground up

Government statistics do not tell the whole story either. On the ground, many Indonesians have felt a similarly positive influence from the continued presence of companies like APRIL. Kerinci resident, Sulaiman, recounts his story of how companies like APRIL, founded by Sukanto Tanoto, have allowed residents to move away from unstable working conditions, and helped Kerinci flourish.

“One of my staff members used to work odd times, helping his father, who is a fisherman and they barely earned Rp 1 million per month. Working here, they can earn more, and some can even earn up to Rp 4 million per month,” said the 38 year old businessman.

According to APRIL’s community development manager, Sundari Berlian, the company has registered 190 partners who work directly in partnership with APRIL. Furthermore, APRIL has already helped to create 90 thousand employment opportunities –a situation that businessmen like Sulaiman hope can continue. With Sukanto Tanoto’s philosophy firmly guiding the actions of all his companies, one can be sure that APRIL will continue to do good for everyone it works with, wherever it is.

APRIL group, founded by entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto, is recognised as a valuable donor to the Global Compact Network

Asia Pacific International Holdings Ltd – also known as APRIL, is one the largest and most technologically advanced producers of pulp and paper products across the globe. Established and mentored by leading entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto, the company implements the vision of the Tanoto Foundation in every aspect of its business, as well as the 4Cs business approach of founder Mr. Tanoto to do good for country, climate, community and company.

Hand-in-hand with APRIL’s success are its many corporate social responsibility initiatives that have established the group as a leading contributor to the upliftment of local society – a hard driven passion of the company’s founder, Sukanto Tanoto.

Recently the APRIL group was recognized by the Global Compact Network of Singapore (GCNS) for their significant contributions to GCNS’s success in deepening and widening the understanding and implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to local companies throughout Singapore. As such, APRIL has been awarded Gold Member status of the GCNS for its commitment to assisting in spreading and implementing best sustainability and CSR practice in Singapore.

APRIL receives token of appreciation

The recent Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards gala dinner saw APRIL receive an official token of recognition for their important contributions to the GCN. Chairman of APRIL, Mr. Bey Soo Khiang, was on-hand to accept the prestigious award on behalf of the company founder, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto.

Follow the founder of the APRIL group, part of the RGE group of companies, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or LinkedIn for more updates.

Global Compact Network

Winners at the Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards dinner and Mr. Bey Soo Khiang accepting an award on behalf of APRIL and founder, Mr Sukanto Tanoto.

Image credit: Inside-RGE

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Sun Bears Befriend Local RER Rangers

The Helarctos Malayanus, more commonly known as the Sun Bear, lives in the dense lowland forests of Southeast Asia and is the smallest member of the bear family.

Due to the eco-restoration efforts of the Indonesian peatlands in Pelalawan by Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER), rangers stationed at the sites have encountered Sun Bears on multiple occasions. They have had opportunities to observe the bears as well as interact with them, and have come to think of them as friendly companions.

Photos were taken with a cell phone of three rangers crouching on the ground playing with a black Sun Bear cub. One of the rangers was able to get within half a meter of the cub, to give it some food.

“After getting the food, the bear returned to the forest. However, there are new rules now for the rangers to no longer feed the bears.” – Peter Gunarso, Director of RER.

According to Mr Gunarso, there are plenty of natural food sources in the forests for the Sun Bears. However, to ensure that they will be able to find enough food on their own and that they will not start relying on receiving food from humans, RER has decided to plant extra natural food sources throughout the forest for the Sun Bears.

RER was established with the support of APRIL, which is part of the RGE group of companies founded by Sukanto Tanoto in 1973, and is devoted to protecting and restoring 150 000 hectares of natural peat lands in Indonesia. Not only do they guard the forest against illegal logging and enforce the strict rules pertaining to the peatlands, they also go through great efforts to educate inhabitants of local villages in the attempt to enlist their help in maintain the forests and to cease all land burning practises which contribute to deforestation. The education offered to villagers includes teaching them the skills to grow crops and to become fishermen.

Lalang Kabung Inhabitants Create Additional Income by Growing Guava Trees

rapp by sukanto tanoto grow guava treeThe cultivation of guava nectar has proven to be a positive prospect to improve the local economy in the village of Lalang Kabung, Pelalawan.

Riau Pulp and Paper (RAPP), founded by Sukanto Tanoto, would like to develop this new venture further by distributing 200 guava seedlings to the inhabitants of Lalang Kabung through the One Village One Community program run by the humanitarian division of the company.

RAPP is one of the largest pulp and paper producers in the world, and forms a part of the Royal Golden Eagle group of companies founded in 1973 by entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto. Its production factories are based in the Riau Province of Sumatra, Indonesia. RAPP believes in giving back to the community by working with the Tanoto Foundation to hand out scholarships to bright and hard-working students, its various Community Development programs as well as through healthcare and infrastructure development. These programs are executed in the villages surrounding its operations, where most of the RAPP employees live.

Nana Herman, Chairman of the Village Consultative Body of Lalang Kabung, believes the guava nectar project is a great way for the residents to create an additional independent income for themselves. He said “For most of the workers here, planting guava nectar trees becomes an additional income. I hope that programs like this continue for the welfare of the residents of our village. We wish guava nectar can be grown in our village.”

Abu Kasim (51) is one of the local residents participating in the program after recently having received seedlings, and has tasked his two youngest children with helping to take care of the plants, as well as harvesting the guava nectar. Another local day labourer encourages children of all ages to join in and start planting their own guava plants as a way of learning to be self-sufficient and independent from a young age.