Apical Enhances its Sustainability Dashboard

apical sustainability dashboardApical is one of the world’s largest exporters of palm oil in Indonesia, and owns and controls a vast variety of the palm oil business value chain, from sourcing the products to refining, processing and distribution for both domestic and international use.

Apical is a subsidiary of the Royal Golden Eagle group of companies, founded in 1973 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto. As one of the companies that form part of RGE, its sustainability policy is aligned with that of the RGE group of companies, which is the 4C’s business policy put into place by Sukanto Tanoto himself. All businesses should conduct operations in a manner which is good for the community, good for the climate, good for the country and good for the company.

Apical Sustainability

Starting in 2014, Apical made a breakthrough in the process of embedding sustainability into the core of its operations by building a traceable and transparent oil supply chain that is committed to:

  • Protect high conservation value areas, as well as high carbon stock areas
  • Protect peatlands, regardless of their depth
  • Drive positive socio-economy impact for people and communities

They are committed to helping their suppliers receive sustainability certification such as ISPO/RSPO/ISCC by 2020, and have ceased to do business with any suppliers who do not uphold these policies.

This year Apical, working with The Forest Trust (TFT), of which it has been a member since June 2015, has created the first version of its sustainability dashboard. The information included in the dashboard will include traceability data for the Indonesian supply chain as well as an interactive map providing data for traceability for each individual facility. The dashboard will also allow online access to progress updates related to grievances filed against the company or its suppliers, company policies and guidelines and toolkits for all the Apical suppliers.

Plans to enhance the dashboard further are already in motion, with the focus being to increase the types of information available, and to create a more user-friendly interface to help Apical communicate more efficiently to target users such as bankers, investors, civil society groups, buyers, suppliers and media groups.

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