Train Safety, Work Safely: Under Sukanto Tanoto, Asian Agri Makes Safety Training a Key Priority

Sukanto Tanoto’s rise to the top is a bona-fide success story for the ages. Building his business empire from scratch, today Sukanto Tanoto is the chairman of RGE –which manages some of the biggest names in the natural resources industries such as APRIL, Asian Agri, and Sateri.  An astute businessman and a keen philanthropist, Sukanto Tanoto has always centred his actions on the 4Cs philosophy: creating good for the Community, Country, Climate, and Company. He knows that doing well by the stakeholders he depends upon – the workers, suppliers, and community –is imperative for his continued success. One way to do well by his people is by keeping them safe. In that regard, Asian Agri has taken concrete steps, with their recent safety training programme.

Asian Agri Makes it Big, Sustainably

One of Asia’s largest palm oil producers with an annual production of one million tons, the company founded by Sukanto Tanoto has been a champion for sustainable and responsible practices. Occupational Safety and Health, naturally, is one of their great concerns. Various initiatives and steps have been implemented, in a bid to minimise the number of workplace accidents, through its regular training for different aspects of Occupational Safety and Health throughout its business units.

Creating a Safe Culture, One Training at a Time

On April 28 to 29, 2017, Asian Agri again held the Work Accident Training programme for the Northern Sumatra region. A total of 42 Participants, coming from all of Asian Agri’s business units in the region, were present; they were trained by an expert from the Association of Safety Professionals in Indonesia (APKPI), Edy Saptono.

The training, which aims to improve the competence of the Asian Agri family at dealing with workplace safety issues, provides a periodic reminder that the culture of safety must start from the top. Only with unit leaders having a common understanding of safety and its processes, can a culture of safety truly and indelibly imprint itself within the company. While not one which directly generates profits for the company, it is a crucial step in ensuring that Sukanto Tanoto’s 4Cs vision comes to fruition.