RGE representatives attend 2017 World Economic Forum on behalf of Chairman, Sukanto Tanoto

January 2017 saw RGE representatives Mr. Anderson Tanoto, Director of RGE and son of RGE founder, entrepreneur and business leader, Sukanto Tanoto, and Mr. Tey Wei Lin, RGE President, attend the World Economic Forum (WEF), which was hosted in the peaceful, alpine resort town of Davos, located in Graubünden, Switzerland.

This occasion marks the convergence of some of the world’s most successful business-people, entrepreneurs and sustainability champions. RGE attended forums and discussions on thought leadership, emerging trends, the world economy and how to bridge the gap between the private sector and government and non-government players to be a force for the greater good.

Attendees at Indonesia Night

Attendees at Indonesia Night

Since 2015, company Chairman, Sukanto Tanoto has encouraged that RGE become a vital participant in the forum that takes place at the WEF, in an effort to best understand emerging trends and how the private sector can work hand-in-hand with both government and non-government entities to be beneficial for the community, the country, the climate and the company – the vital ‘Four C’s’ that define all of RGE’s operations.

Anderson Tanoto’s Reflections

Focusing on the theme of the 2017 WEF in Davos, RGE Director, Anderson Tanoto expressed that ‘responsive and responsible leadership is required; leadership with a radar and a compass.’

Tanoto stated that as a leader and businessman he believes that in having a moral compass, being able to judge what is right and wrong means: ‘Having a compass of knowing what is the true north and still doing the right things while the world continues to evolve’. He went on to say that RGE invests in the ‘long term, not the next three to five years, but rather the next ten, 20 years, or even longer’.

RGE celebrates continued Indonesian Tradition

As is tradition at the WEF each year, RGE sponsored the highly auspicious occasion of Indonesian Night. In partnership with the Indonesian government and business community, Davos delegates were introduced to traditional cuisine, cultural performances as well as insights into the business outlook of Indonesia’s economy – rated the 10th largest in the world.

As diverse as all the business groups are, RGE and Mr. Tanoto celebrate tradition and the common thread, the Four C’s that connects all entities. To follow RGE’s sustainability initiatives, business updates and social responsibility projects throughout Indonesia, Mr. Tanoto invites you to follow him on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or LinkedIn.