APRIL group, founded by entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto, is recognised as a valuable donor to the Global Compact Network

Asia Pacific International Holdings Ltd – also known as APRIL, is one the largest and most technologically advanced producers of pulp and paper products across the globe. Established and mentored by leading entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto, the company implements the vision of the Tanoto Foundation in every aspect of its business, as well as the 4Cs business approach of founder Mr. Tanoto to do good for country, climate, community and company.

Hand-in-hand with APRIL’s success are its many corporate social responsibility initiatives that have established the group as a leading contributor to the upliftment of local society – a hard driven passion of the company’s founder, Sukanto Tanoto.

Recently the APRIL group was recognized by the Global Compact Network of Singapore (GCNS) for their significant contributions to GCNS’s success in deepening and widening the understanding and implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to local companies throughout Singapore. As such, APRIL has been awarded Gold Member status of the GCNS for its commitment to assisting in spreading and implementing best sustainability and CSR practice in Singapore.

APRIL receives token of appreciation

The recent Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards gala dinner saw APRIL receive an official token of recognition for their important contributions to the GCN. Chairman of APRIL, Mr. Bey Soo Khiang, was on-hand to accept the prestigious award on behalf of the company founder, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto.

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Global Compact Network

Winners at the Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards dinner and Mr. Bey Soo Khiang accepting an award on behalf of APRIL and founder, Mr Sukanto Tanoto.

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