Agri business founded by Sukanto Tanoto fights illness on Indonesia’s east coast

While the rains bring growth for crops in the village of Bukit Gajah, illnesses including influenza take their toll on the community – but Asian Agri, a company started by entrepreneur and pioneer Sukanto Tanoto that produces premium palm oil in the region, is determined to restore local residents to good health.

The Riau region has abundant rich soil and local farmers who are some of the world’s best oil palm cultivators, but the region suffers from periodic outbreaks of illness due to the wet conditions created by monsoon season. In order to change this situation for the better, PT Inti Indosawit Subur (a subsidiary of Asian Agri) has been sponsoring free medication for local residents since November 2016.

Tanoto Foundation’s vision and mission realized through sustainable development

Following the example of RGE founder Sukanto Tanoto and his focus on community health as a pillar of sustainable development, Asian Agri is actively giving back to the community that lives and works in the vicinity of its large palm oil farming operations.

The results of their efforts are already being felt by villagers like Roeta (55) who felt empowered to improve her health after a thorough medical consultation with visiting doctors. The project has also received the endorsement from Bambang Mujianto, local community leader and Village Secretary. In his words, The role of the company to improve the quality of community resources through a free inspection is very much needed”.

This kind of real impact and visible result is further proof that Mr. Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation’s vision for a healthy, educated and economically empowered local community can be realized.

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