The Generation of “left-behind” Children

With smiling faces and laughter filling the air, the group of 14 children and the adults accompanying them could easily have been mistaken by passer-by’s as parents with their children. However, these children were not the children of the employees. These children are the “left-behind” children whose parents have migrated from rural villages to the cities for work, leaving the children in the care of relatives, and the adults supervising them on this day are a group of Asia Symbol staff.

Asia Symbol, which forms a part of the Royal Golden Eagle group of companies founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto, have initiated the “Hand-in-Hand, You-and-Me” project to give love and care to the “left behind” children as part of their social corporate responsibility to give back to the community.

This particular weekend outing was even more exciting than any other, as it coincided with the last day of elementary school mid-term exams.

For many of the children the highlight of the trip was the DIY burger lunch, where they received chef hats, aprons and gloves to wear and were allowed to create their own burgers.

During the outing the children had the opportunity to visit educational city sites such as the Rizhao river, a few museums and of course the Rizhao Jianghe Library, which received a large donation of RMB 30 million in 2015 towards its construction by RGE founder and Chairman Sukanto Tanoto, and they spent the afternoon reading from the large selection of books in the children section with the Asian Symbol volunteers. On 1 June 2016 the library’s children section received a donation of 200 000 books from Sukanto Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation to commemorate International Children’s Day. This donation was made after Mr Tanoto’s earlier visit to the library revealed that it could be better stocked to meet visitor’s demands.

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