Tanoto Foundation, under the guidance and leadership of Sukanto Tanoto, teaches community members how to earn money from their waste


Tanoto Foundation trainees display some of the crafts that they can make from trash and sell for a profit.

Enhancing the quality of life for community members and creating awareness of environmental issues has been a continuing key focus of Mr. Sukanto Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation. The RGE Group of companies, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tanoto, has been involved in many projects, studies and philanthropic activities, and one of the foundation’s efforts has been a holistic approach to help in the alleviation of poverty.

Recently, it has been the focus of the Tanoto Foundation and RGE to educate community members on how to better handle their trash, in a creative and useful way. This is in-line with Sukanto Tanoto’s vision of doing good for the community and environment while earning success in the business world.

How Sukanto Tanoto’s Tanoto Foundation boosts creative recycling

Mr. Sukanto Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation teamed up with CSR Asian Agri on this specific project to adopt sustainable practices. The aim is to curb pollution in Indonesia and also teach community members that being responsible with their waste can pay off in terms of the environment and extra finances.

From the 30th to 31st August 2016, waste management training was provided to village community members in Pelalawan. The aim of the training course was to teach community members that not all trash is dirty and useless. With a bit of creativity, the trash can be transformed into items or recycled effectively. Both of these efforts can earn citizens real currency, which can improve their quality of life.

30 Indonesian residents attended the course. The participants learnt various waste management skills and it is hoped that the crafts they create from their trash can be marketed and sold at local community fairs.

This is not the first waste management or recycling effort that the Tanoto Foundation has been involved in. The Foundation also assisted in the funding of a waste warehouse which was constructed in Black Water village.

The introduction of Banking for Trash Asri and how it benefits the community

The ‘Asri Trash Bank‘, which is a garbage bank, is an innovative community project encouraging villagers who are part of the “Bank Trash Asri” program to deposit their waste at the trash bank. At a later stage, all savers and contributors will be paid out in Rupiah for their “deposits”.

This is a great way to get villagers thinking about how they handle their trash and how they can be rewarded for recycling or handling their waste products responsibly. Some of the trash collected is used to create crafts to be sold, which also earns the community a small income.

When you consider that Indonesia is the 2nd largest contributor of plastic waste on a global scale, it’s easy to see just how much good foundations such as Tanoto Foundation are doing by educating and training community members about better and more creative waste management.

Bank Trash Asri thanks Tanoto Foundation for their funding and training efforts

The Director of Asri Trash Bank publicly thanked all companies involved in funding the community training, Tanoto Foundation included. He also said that he hopes the collaboration of the bank, community, government and philanthropic foundations can continue in order to improve the quality of life for the Indonesian community.

Tanoto Foundation guarantees ongoing support for the Bank Trash Asri

The Tanoto Foundation spokesperson advised that the foundation will make itself available to assist with providing the bank with general guidance, building assistance, sorting trash, waste management training, waste management skills development on an ongoing basis.

As with many of the other philanthropic events the Tanoto Foundation is involved in, waste management training is in-line with the vision of Mr. Sukanto Tanoto which is to do good for the community and environment while also focusing on being profitable.

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