Apical, an RGE company founded by Sukanto Tanoto, raises their game with newly launched sustainability dashboard


A look at the newly updated Apical Sustainability Dashboard and its user-friendly interface.

As a leader in the production of sustainable edible oils in Indonesia, the Apical Group, founded by Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, which falls under the umbrella of the RGE group of companies, has literally made hay while the sun shines and secured themselves as one of the largest exporters of palm oil in all of Indonesia. With this success, Apical, in line with Mr Sukanto Tanoto’s 3-tiered philosophy, has ensured the environment has not suffered, and at the heart of its daily operations is sustainable growth and cultivation practices – a core value that is hard driven by the company’s founder and leader, Sukanto Tanoto.

Palm oil is essential to daily life for many Indonesians, and it is well-known that the success of the Indonesian economy is driven by palm oil and its influence on the consumer market. With Indonesia’s prime position along the earth’s tropical equator, conditions for the growth and cultivation of palm oil could not be more ideal – long days of sunshine, plentiful rainfall and warm temperatures ensure that this product grows in a healthy abundance.

Sukanto Tanoto founded company Apical leads the way as a sustainable development advocate

As early as 2014, Apical committed itself to showcasing a transparent and traceable supply chain, with the promise of protecting high conservation value areas (HCV’s) as well as high carbon stock areas (HCS’s). Along with this, Apical has pledged to protect peat-rich areas, regardless of under-earth depth and drive a strong socio-economic impact amongst local communities.

2016 has seen Apical step-up its already impressive sustainability efforts with the launch of a highly interactive and educational dashboard, with content being made readily available to important stakeholders and website visitors, such as bankers, investors, civil society groups, buyers, suppliers and the media.

This sustainability dashboard has been created to be user-friendly, interactive and provide access to important information including: traceable data for the company’s supply chain, an interactive map providing access to this data, progress updates related to grievances lodged against the company or its suppliers, as well as company policies, guidelines and toolkits, while founder of the project, Mr. Tanoto, believes transparency is key

In partnership with consultant The Forest Trust (TFT), Apical has been able to up their game and ensure information on their sustainability initiatives remains 100% accessible. “We want to raise the bar by keeping ourselves accountable to the goals we have set, and to make that progress transparent and accessible to our partners and stakeholders through an online dashboard.” – Dato’ Yeo How, President of Apical Group.

Through their joint initiatives with the Tanoto Foundation and following the 4Cs approach of their founder Sukanto Tanoto, good for the community, the climate, the country and the company; Apical contributes to the education, health and disaster relief efforts within the community.

You can visit Apical’s updated sustainability dashboard here and follow Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, founder of Apical, via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or LinkedIn.