Learning Discipline and Hygiene at an Early Age – The Key to a Better Life

The Tanoto Foundation has been promoting the improvement of living standards, sustainable lifestyle and lifelong education successfully since 1981. One of the main premises of the Foundation is that one’s mentality and general attitude toward the environment and toward life starts at a very early age, which also means that education on the fundamental values of life must also start at an early age.

The Foundation has been engaged in providing effective support to educational institutions of all levels across the country, its activity being primarily oriented toward improving the quality of education in rural Indonesia and facilitating the access to education in underprivileged areas, thus proposing to alleviate poverty as well.

The Tanoto Foundation currently works with more than three hundred schools in Riau, Jambi and North Sumatra. The Foundation has launched programs not only for the children, but for the teachers who work in these schools, too, training them to use modern methodologies that improve the effectiveness of the learning process. One of the proposed aims is to educate children about the importance of disciplined behavior when in nature, as well as about the importance of hygiene. The participants of the program are taught how to maintain their surroundings and their school clean and how to act in an environmentally safe and responsible manner at all times.

The Foundation’s School Improvement Program has helped local educational institutions not only with training, but also by actually financing the upgrades necessary in these schools. The participant schools benefit from facility upgrading, such as the construction of laboratories and libraries, and they also receive help in the form of books and other teaching and learning materials.

Access to proper education is the key to having a better life in a better environment, and the Tanoto Foundation has made it their mission to help local communities achieve these goals.