Asian Agri Organizes an Unprecedented Cooking Oil Bazaar to Help the Local Community

Showing renewed initiative with its plans for social responsibility, Asian Agri recently organized a cooking oil bazaar, selling a total of over 5,000 liters of cooking oil at affordable costs, well below the regular market rate.

According to government officials, the bazaar also had a lasting impact on the community and country at large, helping to alleviate cooking oil prices throughout Indonesia.

The Impact of the Bazaar

APRIL’s recent Fire Free Village Programme was not the only important event scheduled for August by the distinguished RGE companies. Asian Agri recently came up with an idea that would not only help them gain additional trust from the community, but also assist in alleviating poverty through the reduction of cooking oil prices.

The post-Hari Raya Idul Fitri bazaar brought affordable cooking oil to hundreds of local residents in Riau, with prices ranging around IDR 7,500, as opposed to the regular market cost which is about IRD 15,000 ($0.97 USD).

The bazaar was a complete success, and further outlined Asian Agri’s commitment to RGE Chairman Sukanto Tanoto‘s 3 C philosophy – doing good for the country, community and the company.

Good for the Country and Community

The bazaar was, of course, good for the company – because of the large volume of sales – and for the community, due to the reduced cooking oil prices. But what about the country?

According to Indonesian government officials, the bazaar had a positive impact on the country’s economy, as these types of events help the government alleviate inflation on products like cooking oil, and keep quality oil at an affordable price that everyone can manage.

Asian Agri’s initiative is just one of many that prove the company’s commitment to the local Riau community and to the entire country of Indonesia. The company has big plans for the future and continues to support local inhabitants according to the RGE philosophy set forth by Chairman Sukanto Tanoto.