Learning Discipline and Hygiene at an Early Age – The Key to a Better Life

The Tanoto Foundation has been promoting the improvement of living standards, sustainable lifestyle and lifelong education successfully since 1981. One of the main premises of the Foundation is that one’s mentality and general attitude toward the environment and toward life starts at a very early age, which also means that education on the fundamental values of life must also start at an early age.

The Foundation has been engaged in providing effective support to educational institutions of all levels across the country, its activity being primarily oriented toward improving the quality of education in rural Indonesia and facilitating the access to education in underprivileged areas, thus proposing to alleviate poverty as well.

The Tanoto Foundation currently works with more than three hundred schools in Riau, Jambi and North Sumatra. The Foundation has launched programs not only for the children, but for the teachers who work in these schools, too, training them to use modern methodologies that improve the effectiveness of the learning process. One of the proposed aims is to educate children about the importance of disciplined behavior when in nature, as well as about the importance of hygiene. The participants of the program are taught how to maintain their surroundings and their school clean and how to act in an environmentally safe and responsible manner at all times.

The Foundation’s School Improvement Program has helped local educational institutions not only with training, but also by actually financing the upgrades necessary in these schools. The participant schools benefit from facility upgrading, such as the construction of laboratories and libraries, and they also receive help in the form of books and other teaching and learning materials.

Access to proper education is the key to having a better life in a better environment, and the Tanoto Foundation has made it their mission to help local communities achieve these goals.


Asian Agri Organizes an Unprecedented Cooking Oil Bazaar to Help the Local Community

Showing renewed initiative with its plans for social responsibility, Asian Agri recently organized a cooking oil bazaar, selling a total of over 5,000 liters of cooking oil at affordable costs, well below the regular market rate.

According to government officials, the bazaar also had a lasting impact on the community and country at large, helping to alleviate cooking oil prices throughout Indonesia.

The Impact of the Bazaar

APRIL’s recent Fire Free Village Programme was not the only important event scheduled for August by the distinguished RGE companies. Asian Agri recently came up with an idea that would not only help them gain additional trust from the community, but also assist in alleviating poverty through the reduction of cooking oil prices.

The post-Hari Raya Idul Fitri bazaar brought affordable cooking oil to hundreds of local residents in Riau, with prices ranging around IDR 7,500, as opposed to the regular market cost which is about IRD 15,000 ($0.97 USD).

The bazaar was a complete success, and further outlined Asian Agri’s commitment to RGE Chairman Sukanto Tanoto‘s 3 C philosophy – doing good for the country, community and the company.

Good for the Country and Community

The bazaar was, of course, good for the company – because of the large volume of sales – and for the community, due to the reduced cooking oil prices. But what about the country?

According to Indonesian government officials, the bazaar had a positive impact on the country’s economy, as these types of events help the government alleviate inflation on products like cooking oil, and keep quality oil at an affordable price that everyone can manage.

Asian Agri’s initiative is just one of many that prove the company’s commitment to the local Riau community and to the entire country of Indonesia. The company has big plans for the future and continues to support local inhabitants according to the RGE philosophy set forth by Chairman Sukanto Tanoto.

Relief Efforts for Mount Sinabung Eruption Evacuees – Tanoto Scholars Lend a Hand

The Mount Sinabung eruptions have affected the entire country of Indonesia, with many people still being displaced as a result of the natural catastrophe that has hit the poorest of the population in a country where proper education, healthcare and food rations are still very much in lack.

However, there is still hope for the thousands of evacuees, as initiatives such as those set forth by the recipients of Tanoto scholarships (Tanoto Scholars) have brought food, educational resources and even enjoyment to the children whose families have suffered as a result of the eruption.

Being an Evacuee

Being evacuated from your home is bad enough, but knowing you may never see the house you grew up in again is even worse. As a child or a young student, an event like the eruption of Mount Sinabung can have lasting psychological effects, and for parents, it can be the last blow to strike someone who has struggled for so long to provide for their family.

The conditions that the evacuees have to live in are far from adequate. They usually spend their nights in temporary tents without proper heating and a limited supply of resources that usually has to be rationed as wisely as possible. Also, children’s education in the area had to suffer, and now many of the children are left without the opportunity to learn and secure a brighter future.

Assistance from Tanoto Scholars

Tanoto Scholars have come to the aid of the community with educational resources, books, food and toys for the children, as well as many activities and games they have organized to help improve spirits after the catastrophic event.

Many of the children welcomed them with smiles on their faces, and they have gladly engaged in the various games and activities, while their parents were overjoyed to see the attention and effort invested by Tanoto Scholars.

These initiatives have certainly had the desired effect of at least temporarily improving on the young evacuees’ condition until such time as they may be able to return to their homes and villages.

The Efforts Invested by Tanoto Foundation in Capacity Building in Rural Indonesia

Due to the poor results recorded by students in areas of rural Indonesia, who are unable to

continue their education past high school, the Tanoto Foundation has increased its efforts

of providing young adults with better opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in

order to pass university exams more efficiently.

The State of Indonesia’s Education

Compared to neighboring countries like Malaysia, the state of Indonesia’s rural education

is quite poor. In 2014, reports have shown that only 28% of students aged 19-23 have

continued their education by enrolling into a university, a number that has brought concern

to parents, government institutions, as well as organizations like the Tanoto Foundation,

which is actively involved in numerous projects designed for the improvement of local

education in the country.

One of the main reasons why students in rural areas are unable to complete their

education is that they cannot compete with those living in urban areas, who are far better

equipped to attend and pass their exams successfully.

Capacity Building Programs for Students

To tip the scales, the Tanoto Foundation has organized several capacity building activities

to help students comply with the requirements set forth by the universities they plan on


During the months of May and June 2015, the Tanoto Foundation organized a try-out in

Medan, inviting students from general and vocational high schools who are also recipients

of Tanoto scholarships to attend and use the try-outs to prepare for furthering their


Aside from the try-outs themselves, tutors were provided up to three times a week to help

the students improve their knowledge and general grasp of the materials included. With

their help and along with additional motivational speeches and tips for getting the best

results at their university exams, the students were able to sail through their exams with


Capacity building has long been one of the main tools used by the Tanoto Foundation to

improve education in Indonesia, the result being that more than 5,200 students across the

country have benefited from Tanoto scholarships already.