Asia Symbol Launches Leading Edge Sustainable Copier Paper in China

Asia Symbol has recently launched the first type of copier paper bearing both the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and CFCC (Chinese Forestry Certification Council) logos.

The ceremony to commemorate the event was held in Beijing, and marked an historic moment in China’s efforts for obtaining a higher level of sustainability in its paper industry.

First Copier Paper Bearing the PEFC and CFCC Logo

June the 3rd became an extremely significant date for the Chinese paper industry, as Asian Symbol has successfully proven the company’s commitment toward sustainable forest management.

The copier paper launched by the firm is the first paper actually placed on the market since CFCC managed to obtain the PEFC endorsement in 2014. It is also the first type of green paper produced in China that bears both the PEFC and CFCC logos.

Asia Symbol became certified in accordance with PEFC standards in 2014 and it has CFCC certification since the year 2012. Although a large part of the copier paper the company produces is sold domestically, a growing number is sold on the global market, the figures recently having reached about one third of the company’s total production this year.

According to Asia Symbol, not only have their efforts for promoting sustainable paper increased during the past three years, but clients are also becoming increasingly more interested in supporting the use of environmental friendly products.

Full Compliance with Sustainability Benchmarks

The PEFC endorsement came through as CFCC managed to obtain full compliance with PEFC standards for sustainability. These standards are recognized worldwide in 40 countries as one of the most comprehensive sustainability benchmarks available.

The basic concept is that the paper is only to be produced using traceable sources from sustainable forests, as specified by Chain of Custody (CoC).

Experts consider this to be only a first step on China’s road to a more sustainable industry, but it is also considered a significant event that is set to inspire other companies in the paper industry to set more sustainable goals for their production line