Imelda Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation’s Support in Improving Educational Resources

The Tanoto Foundation has long been known to provide assistance to schools and educational facilities throughout Indonesia. Recently, however, the Foundation has taken its initiatives one step forward by inaugurating the launch of two brand new facilities at Universitas Bhayangkara Jaya – the Tanoto Library and the Grha Tanoto.

Present at the event was none other than Imelda Tanoto, daughter of RGE Chairman and Tanoto Foundation leader Sukanto Tanoto. Miss Tanoto has given an enlightening speech to outline the current and future plans that the Tanoto Foundation has for local education in Indonesia.

Sustainable Development Goals

According to Imelda Tanoto, there are two significant goals for achieving a more sustainable education: improving the “hardware” and “software” of education in Indonesia.

The “hardware” part has to do with the actual educational resources, such as classes, libraries and other facilities, as well as access to books, international journals and other resources students would need in order to have access to improved educational opportunities.

The “software” element, on the other hand, has to do with the quality of the education itself. For the purpose of improving that level of quality, the Tanoto Foundation is also actively involved in programs designed to train teachers to impart information and use creative teaching techniques for making the teaching process more engaging.

Making Real Progress

Through the inauguration of the Grha Tanoto and the Tanoto Library on June 15 of this year, the Tanoto Foundation hopes to provide students at the Universitas Bhayangkara Jaya with the ability to train and study much more efficiently than ever before.

Built through the collaboration of the Tanoto Foundation with the Brata Bhakti Foundation, the facilities provide several new classrooms and a highly advanced auditorium, while also making use of an hi-tech RF Identification-based security system.

While outlining the advantages of this new achievement, Imelda Tanoto has also pointed out that improving education is a major step toward poverty alleviation, and it is one of the main tools the Tanoto Foundation uses on a regular basis to help local communities attain a better quality of life.