New Educational Program for Teachers Facilitated by the Tanoto Foundation

Partners of the Tanoto Foundation are often able to benefit from engaging new activities, events and initiatives that are geared toward bringing about remarkable improvements in the community.

One such initiative was the training program founded by the Tanoto Foundation in Jambi. Through its help, teachers from the foundation’s partner schools were able to gather and work on engaging projects designed to improve creative problem solving and share ideas for the purpose of enhancing the educational process.


A Whole New Approach to Improving Education

Like in many other parts of the world, Indonesia is constantly striving towards improving its educational system. With resources often not enough to reach everyone, however, many schools remain lacking of the support they need for facilitating the kinds of conditions necessary for the educational process to thrive.

Sukanto Tanoto strongly believes that education is the key to ending poverty, by providing children with the means to paving their own successful paths in life. Through the new initiative set forth by the Tanoto Foundation, this goal is being brought closer to reality with an engaging training program targeting teachers from schools in the Jambi region.

Participants were grouped together in clusters according to the locations they came from and allowed to take part in engaging courses and activities designed to spark creativity and enhance problem solving skills. Cluster 1 was reserved for teachers from schools in the Kebun Taman Raja and Kebun Muara Bulian areas. Cluster 2 consisted of participants from Kebun Bungo Tebo and Kabun Tungkal Ulu.

The training program serves both a short term goal to help improve the schools’ agendas and a long term strategy for enhancing the progress made by schools throughout the Jambi province.

After 5 years, the results obtained through the sustained application of the program will be analyzed to evaluate the success that Tanoto Foundation schools are able to gain through such endeavors.


What the Program Entailed

The program itself proved to be a remarkable success and had teachers from all around the region arrive to engage in the fun, exciting and highly instructional problem solving activities organized as part of the training schedule.

Exercises that are similar to games were used to encourage participants to interact and share ideas about how to solve certain problems as efficiently as possible, while also creating a light and fun atmosphere leading to cognitive and creative growth. Teachers worked together as teams, each getting their turn to solve various problems and share opinions about how they have managed to overcome various educational challenges in their respective schools.

Based on Sukanto Tanoto‘s philosophy that businesses and organizations need to strive to do their best in order to improve not only their own success, but that of their communities and countries, these training programs are part of a bigger plan.

Philanthropic foundations such as the Tanoto Foundation hope to use these types of initiatives to assist Indonesia in fighting poverty, creating better opportunities for teachers, children and young individuals, and eliminating the social, economic and infrastructural challenges that the country is coping with today.